Farewell from Fare City

Thanks to all our supporters for four fantastic years

Group picture of the founders and advisory board
The Fare City team (Image: Fare City)

Fare City will soon be closing after four years of operation. While we believe that our work is needed now more than ever, we have concluded that it is no longer feasible for us to continue running our young not-for-profit in the current economic and political climate. Although we’ve previously been able to progress by winning and delivering high-quality consultancy and grant-funded work, we’ve found it increasingly difficult to secure the partnerships and unrestricted funding which we require for longer-term stability and growth.

Though this has been an incredibly tough decision for us to make, we’re proud to have developed and delivered pioneering work which has engaged a range of city stakeholders and led to tangible social impact. From award-winning research examining London’s non-commercial cargo bike sector to piloting the UK’s first Cleaner Air Market, our work as a think tank and social enterprise has enabled us both to influence policy makers and to raise awareness of important issues among communities on the ground.

Delivering impact

Highlights over the last four years include:

  • Two awards from Westminster University’s Active Travel Academy for ‘Burning Bridges’ (2019), our research on Hammersmith Bridge, and ‘Sharing the Load’ (2020), an in-depth study on non-commercial cargo bike use.
  • Three policy reports including ‘Sharing the Load’ (2021), the UK’s first non-commercial cargo bike report, ‘London Cycle Hangars’ (2022), the first study of cycle hangar demand and provision in London, and ‘Cleaner Air Markets’ (2023), a toolkit for working markets aiming to decarbonise their transport supply chain and improve accessibility.
  • Two research projects including ‘Connecting Continents’ (2020), an international study examining the response of seven global cities to the pandemic, and ‘Capital Ambitions’ (2021), a project which paired in-person interviews with cargo bikes for the London mayoral elections.

Uniting people

Fare City has always had a clear purpose: to co-create fairer cities by promoting more accessible, equitable and sustainable mobility choices. Underpinning this purpose have been the organisation’s key values of empathy, inclusivity and integrity – values which we have aspired to in everything that we’ve done and championed through everyone who has ever represented us. Whether it’s been conducting ethical research and reporting fairly on our findings or paying our contributors and event panellists for their time, we’ve taken our responsibilities as a think tank and community interest company seriously and have always endeavoured to inspire and unite people through our insights and interactions.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without our talented team, our brilliant partners and our dynamic stakeholders – the real community in our company. To all those who have funded us, collaborated with us and supported us in the last four years – including anyone who has ever read a report, attended an event, listened to a podcast or simply liked a tweet – we are extremely grateful. We’re encouraged that our work will continue to live on in the actions of others, from a London Assembly report recommendation for further Cleaner Air Markets to the market trader who purchased a cargo bike after a pilot project. We’re proud that we’ve led in effecting behaviour change at all levels.

Supporting the sector

It’s been an incredible journey but it’s not over yet, as our team will now strive to contribute to the transport and environmental agenda in other ways. Our first action will be to transfer our remaining assets to the fantastic charity Wheels for Wellbeing, who will use them to support their excellent work in advocating for more inclusive cycling throughout the UK. We will additionally continue supporting the important work of other like-minded organisations operating in this space, as they advance the case for sustainable mobility and for healthier, happier – and above all – fairer cities.

From everyone at Fare City, thank you and farewell.

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