// Our team is committed to delivering social value to our stakeholders. Read on to find out more. //

Who we are

Fare City is an award-winning London-based think tank and community interest company (CIC). We are a team of built environment professionals with a broad range of experience and expertise, spanning multiple sectors. These include urbanism, transport, climate change adaptation and mitigation, architecture, and policy.

Our differing backgrounds are strongly allied through our shared outlook: to advocate for a more accessible, equitable and sustainable approach to city-wide transport. This is an approach which we believe will help to foster a fairer city for all.

What we do

Fare City strives to make the case that city transport can play a defining role in improving the lives of city users – our stakeholders – as they live in, work in, and visit cities across the globe. Our objective is to empower city users to make reasoned mobility choices which are right for them and others.

Our founding values of empathy, inclusivity, and integrity inform how we work and the services we offer. These services include research-led policy reports and papers, strategic consultancy services, and community awareness and empowerment projects.

Why we do it

Cities currently face an array of challenges, including rapid urbanisation, greater socioeconomic disparities, and increasing environmental threats. The onset of the 2020s and the global pandemic has not only highlighted these challenges but accelerated the need to address them.

Fare City believe that cities are for people, and that together, we can collectively address these challenges, but only if each of us are made aware of what we can do and recognise how we can be empowered to do it.

Identifying the social value which we generate through our work is integral to how Fare City operates. This is our bottom line and ensures that we are always working in the interests of our stakeholders as we look to co-create fairer cities in the months and year ahead.

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