World Mental Health Day

To mark World Mental Health Day 2019, Fare City have produced a series of infographics aimed at public transport users. Each infographic suggests a simple tip, which users can follow to help ensure a better journey for others that are also travelling.

Unlike someone who is physically impaired, those who suffer with a mental health condition are not as easy for other public transport users to identify. As a result these users may experience unseen difficulties when using public transport, which can often result in a distressing journey.

Fare City aims to bring attention to some of the most common issues, and invites users to consider how their actions may have an impact upon others. Putting these simple tips into practice may not only help those with a mental health condition, but could contribute to an improved journey for all.

The content for the infographics is based on the recommendations of an excellent report: Mental Health and Travel – Report on a Survey, by Professor Roger Mackett of UCL’s Center for Transport Studies.

Professor Mackett’s research identifies that it is the attitudes and behaviour of other public transport users which is the main cause of peoples’ anxiety when travelling.

Whilst the report makes it clear that there are wider factors which must be addressed, including ‘…clearer information before and during travel, better trained staff…’, it is nevertheless the small changes which each and every user is able to make, which could add up to some bigger changes in the longer term.

are City want to encourage users to make these behavioural changes. We are looking forward to working with other agencies to help ensure that generously providing for those travelling with a mental health condition becomes the rule – and not the exception.

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