London’s Cycle Hangars – Policy Report

An assessment of provision in five maps

The image is a map of London, showing each London borough's population density to its level of cycle hangar provision. The boroughs are outlined in black and vary in colour, from white to dark blue depending on their level of density. Blue dots show the level of cycle hangar provision and increase in size the greater the number of hangars for each borough. The map has a legend in the bottom right hand corner and is framed by a blue border with the title 'London Boroughs: number of cycle hangars to population density' and the Fare City logo.

There is an urgent need to provide greater levels of secure residential cycle parking in London. At present, the number of Londoners on a waiting list for a cycle hangar space is nearly three times greater than the current level of provision, while future levels of demand show no signs of abating.

London’s Cycle Hangars: An assessment of provision in five maps is the first report to specifically examine residential cycle hangar provision in London. Drawing upon a comprehensive data set that considers a range of interdependent metrics, each of the report’s five maps seeks to lay bare the complexities and contradictions of cycle hangar provision in the capital. A small cohort of interviewees offers a range of both expert and public insights, which, when examined alongside the data, provide the basis for the report’s conclusions and subsequent recommendations.

As this report makes clear, London boroughs must not only redress the inequity between the cost of parking a cycle versus parking a car but go further and faster to ensure that current demand for cycle hangar spaces is met, and that future demand is nurtured and provided for. If Londoners are to be encouraged – and enabled – to cycle, then secure residential cycle parking is a minimum requirement that boroughs must now prioritise.

You can read the full report here.

You can access the full dataset here.

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