Who we are

We are a team of built environment professionals, with a broad range of experience and expertise across a number of sectors. These include urbanism, transport, climate change adaptation and mitigation, architecture, and policy. Our differing backgrounds are strongly allied through our shared outlook; to advocate for a more accessible, equitable and sustainable approach to city-wide transport. This is an approach which we believe will help to foster a fairer city for all.

What we do

Fare City is an organisation which will strive to make the case that city transport can play a defining role in improving the lives of the individuals who live in, work in and visit cities across the globe. The objective of our team is to empower the individual, so that they can make reasoned travel choices which are both right for them and for other city-users.

We will identify the ways in which city transport can be made to work harder, by embracing and harnessing the untapped potential of the in-between. These are the small things which often get overlooked by others, but when collectively applied can add up the big changes needed to achieve our objective. Our work will be inclusive and collaborative, and will take the form of articles, podcasts, events and original research projects.

Why we do it

Fare City recognises that city transport sits at the heart of how people and goods will move, or be moved, around cities and in turn interact with one another. Given its importance, we want to advocate that city transport can play a defining role in bridging the gap between individuals and the big issues – climate change, increased urbanisation and greater consumer choice – to lead to the empowerment of the individual and to the creation of fairer cities.

Advisory Board